Writing dangerously

Due to copious amounts of shorthand studying last night, didn’t get a chance to write up the grand thoughts and reflections I had about the day that was. So now I have conveniently forgotten them. But a few observations from the day.

One, I have not got one iota of natural shorthand talent. The phrase “it’s all Greek to me” comes to mind. Foreign languages and I never saw eye to eye (NB shorthand eye = full letter I) and at the MA level, this doesn’t look set to change. Failure not being an option, I’m going to persevere. If it all falls apart, maybe I can write a bestselling novel ‘Shorthand at City: my year of writing dangerously’ (thank you Julie Powell).  I’m sure you will all be falling over yourselves to read it.

Other observations – I still don’t actually understand what http://www.delicious.com does. But I have lots of people in my network already, and that is what counts!

Two, the men at Farringdon Carphone Warehouse are just delightful.

more later, new assignments notwithstanding!


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