Gossip Girl: Season 3 Premiere ‘Reversals of Fortune’

In the Upper East Side, little has changed over the summer. Blair is still playing games, only this time with Chuck rather than against him. Dan is still self-obsessed and whiny, Jenny and Vanessa continue to veer dangerously close to ‘drag Queen after a heavy night out’ territory, and Serena still hasn’t grasped the concept of the bra .

Story was pretty standard – a fancy Polo match and the inevitable Serena going off the rails again plot. Given that in season 1 they had her confessing to murder, and last year there was the pyramid scheme, I’m not sure that Daddy issues are really much of a draw. Likewise, the scary ‘long lost brother lurking in the shadows’ storyline is a bit too 90210; not enough juice.

Some high points though. Eric’s presence for one, and giving Nate a love interest with whom his family are sworn political enemies looks promising. Vanessa’s quit her coffee shop job (maybe the show, dare we dream) probably because having a hairstyle that rivals Medusa’s takes maintenance.

All in all, not a great opener, but things should heat up. I can’t imagine the writers will wait more than a week for the inevitable Blair / Chuck fairytale to spontaneously combust, and post break up Blair is always at her sharpest and meanest. Plus, looks like the gang start college next week. What will happen now that the GG lot are out of private school?

One response to “Gossip Girl: Season 3 Premiere ‘Reversals of Fortune’

  1. You cynic! The Office (US version) has demonstrated that a will-they-won’t-they storyline can evolve into an aw-aren’t-they-so-good-together storyline without losing any spark. I agree with you with the wretched brother storyline though. Very soapy.

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