Gossip Girl: ‘The Freshmen’

GG have started college.  Of course, for them freshers week doesn’t involve dressing up in jungle theme, having endless ‘how I spent my gap year conversations’ and eating honey cake while smoking nargila after a night out (just Ancaster freshers 2006 then?).  What it does involve is oodles more of the bitching and backstabbing that makes GG girl the show we all know and love.

Gossip Girl: The Freshmen

Gossip Girl: The Freshmen

Actually, not all of them have started college.  In a twist so predictable I’m surprised the writers could bring themselves to pen it, Serena has been having doubts about going to Brown.  I’m sure that the show being set in Manhattan had nothing to do with that decision. 

At the beginning it looked as if everyone was settling in to college life just fine.  Dan found a group of writers to existentially angst with.  Vanessa and Georgina (yes she’s back) formed an inevitable ‘what to do when the writers need a reason to add random characters into a scene’ friendship.  Blair still has her power headbands armed and ready (loved the bit where Dorota placed it on Blair’s head, as if it were a coronation, which I guess in context of Blair’s ambitions to rule the roost at NYU, it kind of was).

But shock horror.  Blair isn’t popular at college.  Her stylish sushi parties are just so not on trend, because of course everyone in college goes to edgy roof top parties (I mean, it was definitely like that in Nottingham), and watches wierd documentaries about gardening.  So Blair being Blair, she pouts a bit and stages a coup d’Georgina.

This was definitely a return to form.  For one, they managed to be mildly offensive (to Christians and Malawi babies).  Nate said the word circumstantial, and looked, almost, like he knew what it meant.  We know now, that as we might have expected, Dan’s entire knowledge of the opposite sex comes from Judy Blume.  Serena wore a really nice outfit (denim hotpants, waistcoat) that made her look practically modest.  And of course, with Georgina back in the picture, Blair finally has to a rival worthy of her headband.

Best of all, whats not to love about a show that features this piece of chit chat:

Georgina “Jesus and I have redefined our relationship”

Blair: ‘You mean he dumped you because he found out you were Satan”.


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