the Polanski sideshow – victim should come first

In all the furor over Roman Polanski and his arrest in Switzerland, many people, both those rushing to the film directors defence, and those virulently attacking him, seem to be ignoring something important.  When it comes to sexual assault cases, shouldn’t it be the victims’ interests we consider first?

If Polanski’s victim, Samantha Geimer wants the whole thing forgotten, then why continue with this case?  That isn’t to suggest Polanski should get away with it, of course he shouldn’t.  But let’s be realistic.  There are countless rape victims who have been unable to put their attackers behind bars – statistics suggest that in America only 5% of rapists ever spend a day in jail

The money, time and resources that are being devoted to this case, which seems to be a celebrity fuelled sideshow, could surely be put to better use fighting for one of the other rape victims in the world – who want to see justice done.

whatever the outcome for Polanski, Geimer is hardly going to have benefited from the media intrusion of the last week.  Her son Jesse was quoted as saying 

 “She’s sick of it. She was at a family reunion when all this blew up again.”

As a young child, she underwent a disgusting experience.  Dragging out all the lurid details more than thirty years later isn’t going to change that.


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