Sustainable shopping (bags)

An observation that I made in my travel’s today (and boy have they been exciting: Stanmore – Islington – Dalston – Bond Street – Stanmore, globetrotter that I am). 

Paper bags to carry shopping in may be environmentally friendly, but when it rains, they spell disaster. 

Case in point, I braved the dreaded black hole that is the Oxford Street Primark today.  I’d recovered from the ordeal, was feeling smug about my new clothes and was trying to push the ‘do I really need that, really?’ sensation out my mind, when, catastrophe struck. 

The excessively full bag (who knew it was possible to spend that much there?) met the monsoon that blanketed London today.  Result was calamitous, bag split all over the floor of Marks and Sparks, shoppers pointing and laughing at idiotic rain-soaked student mournfully holding soggy bits of brown paper. 

Thanks go to the kind security man who smuggled me an illicit Bag For Life (one up on snooty sales lady who wanted to charge me for it, in my desperate state) to transfer the purchases into.  He probably had a good chuckle at my expense after, but I appreciated it.  Still, moral of the story – if we’re going green, it needs to be practical. 

If I’d got a better bag in the first place, I wouldn’t have required the extra bag.  As with anything, in politics, the environment, whatever, cutting corners doesn’t pay.

All about sustainable development, really.  Who would have though you could learn that from Primark.

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