Buffy the Gossip Girl Slayer

This week; what if Gossip Girl met Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Two shows which, in their time, captivated teen audiences. Before there was Twilight and Tru Blood, there was Angel, Spike and all the other bloodsuckers over in Sunnydale.

 Some GG fans may not even remember the show, although a rumoured movie could change that, but long before Blair and co made high school a living hell, Buffy, Willow and the rest were taking classes in a rather more literal one.  

So, would it be a match made in heaven or the hellmouth?

And who would the slayer of Upper East Side would be? There are a few contenders for the role, to be sure.

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How Gossip Girl met your mother

This week; what if Gossip Girl met How I Met Your Mother?

It’s safe to say that if this particular mash-up happened, one of the two shows wouldn’t have aured for very long. Four seasons and counting with no word on Ted’s wife to be. Not in Chuck and Blair’s universe.

Dorota would clearly have been dispatched, stat, to do some digging.

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Partying like it’s 1999: ten years on

 “So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999…”      

So sang Prince in 1983.  Less illustriously, so rapped Will Smith in his millennium themed tune Will2k.       

By any standards, 1999 was an important year.  It was the last of the old millennium and depending on whether you subscribed to rumours of a certain bug, the last ever.  It was the icing on the cake of a sweet decade, one of relative international stability, progress and the promise of a better future.         
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Gossip Creek: What if Dawson and Joey met Blair and Chuck?

 Gossip Girl has gone on a break.     

  The show won’t be back on our screens until March.     

 I know what you’re thinking; fellow addicts or you closet ‘social’ watchers out there. How will you ever cope without following the trials and tribulations of a bunch of Park Avenue princesses every week. What will you do without your weekly fix?       

 There’s always re-runs, but when you know what happens in Season 3, Season 1 becomes that bit less exciting. But never fear,  I’ve come up with a vaguely post-modern distraction for the GG-less season.     

  Essentially – What if Gossip Girl met…?     

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Gossip Girl ‘The Debarted’

It doesn’t take much to bring a politician down, but as the late Ted Kennedy could probably have told Tripp Van der Bilt, crashing a car and running away from the scene is a pretty foolproof way to do it.

But before we get to that, we must address the real cliffhanger of the episode. Was that really Chuck’s supposedly dead mother at Bart’s grave, yellow roses and all, or was it just another one of the ghosts he’d been seeing all day?

It was inevitable really. For too much of this series we’ve had hero Chuck, the good guy, the nice guy, the sensible one.

That perfect exterior had to crack at some point, and when better than on the anniversary of his fathers death.

Chuck was dealing with a dilemma so unpalatable even Blair was disgusted; essentially whether he should screw over some homeless people for financial gain. We knew what his soulless corporate Machiavelli of a father would have done, although the ghosts were on hand to helpfully remind us, but it was less clear for Chuck. As he wrestled with his demons he was brusque, dismissive of Blair and generally a nasty piece of work.

Anyone else delighted to have the old Chuck Bass back in business?  

While Chuck’s mental frame unraveled, Jenny and Eric were fighting, supposedly playing nice, and mingling with drug dealers (yes Mr Belgium is back). Bleugh.

And implausibly, some arts student offered herself up on a plate to Dan and he rejected her to declare his love for Vanessa, who quite typically couldn’t give a toss. Love hurts Dan, but don’t worry, its all fodder for your debut bestseller.

More tragic was that tonight perhaps marked the first step in the decline of the Rufus and Lily fairytale, Volume 2.

We knew Lily had a secret to do with the original Mr VdW, and it turns out (courteously of Maureen, who has become increasingly akin to the mother in The Manchurian Candidate) the former couple had a tête-à-tête last summer.

The exact content of the liaison is yet to be revealed, but Rufus is already seeking (at present platonic) solace with another woman and something tells me Maureen’s description of Lily as a “cheating whore” is not too much off the mark.

Especially because just moments after we learn that she forgot it was the anniversary of Bart’s death, and to add insult to injury then pretended to Rufus that was why she was distracted.

And of course, the big drama of the evening involved Serena. It didn’t take long for her romance with Tripp to go up in flames – literally – as the lovebirds love-nest was invaded by scorned wife Maureen.

It appeared that despite his declarations of undying love, Tripp actually valued his political career more than his teenage blonde bit on the side, and was quite happy to abandon her when things got ugly.

Which, as it turned out, was somewhere around the time he crashed the car in the middle of the night, moved the injured Serena into the drivers seat and legged it to sort out his alibi. But of course Nate, trusty, reliable Nate, was there waiting at Serena’s bedside – after he punched Tripp in the face, that is.

Hopefully this was just a blip in the inevitable Serate / Naterena / Arch van der Woodsen hook-up.

It was a dark episode, brilliant and brimming with gripping plotlines. But a few comic moments lightened the mood, not least Serena’s plaintive comment; “I knew what I was getting myself into.” Uh, pretty sure you didn’t hon.

And of course, I’m sure we were all shocked to discover Nate’s penchant for Hemingway. But its OK guys, he doesn’t read. Promise. He just used to hide his pot stash inside the book.

At least some things in the Gossip Girl universe still make sense.

‘Points of View’ at the British Library

Photography has become central to our lives but in the nineteenth century it was a revolutionary new technology, opening doors in art, science, society and more. A new exhibition at London’s British Library traces the rise of an art form, writes Jennifer Lipman on Running in Heels.

The Treasure of Serena Madre

It’s a rare Gossip Girl episode where Blair and Chuck come out at the end looking like the lest devious and morally bankrupt characters. But it was Thanksgiving last week in Manhattan, so we should all raise a glass in appreciation of an episode that started out as frankly dire but came out as actually very enjoyable.
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