Gossip Creek: What if Dawson and Joey met Blair and Chuck?

 Gossip Girl has gone on a break.     

  The show won’t be back on our screens until March.     

 I know what you’re thinking; fellow addicts or you closet ‘social’ watchers out there. How will you ever cope without following the trials and tribulations of a bunch of Park Avenue princesses every week. What will you do without your weekly fix?       

 There’s always re-runs, but when you know what happens in Season 3, Season 1 becomes that bit less exciting. But never fear,  I’ve come up with a vaguely post-modern distraction for the GG-less season.     

  Essentially – What if Gossip Girl met…?     

   Like one of those mash-ups between a heavy metal shouty song and a pop ballad, I’m going to explore the theoretical meltdown that would occur if Gossip Girl entered another fictional universe.   

 Still with me? This week; what if Gossip Girl met Dawson’s Creek?     

 Well for starters. I don’t wanna wait for my life to be over? Hell no, Gossip Girl doesn’t wait.     

 Gossip Girl is a doer, not a thinker.     

While the kids on the Creek would be pontificating over some emotional earthquake, like whether Joey should choose Pacey or Dawson, Blair et al would have faced it head on, found a way to make it work for them, and then gone to a fabulous party. 

Dawson wanted to shoot a movie? It would take a whole series on his show, but with Blair’s help he’d be done by lunchtime. Andie wanted to liven up her night with some illicit substances? Jenny has her dealer on speed dial.     

If Joey had been in Blair and Serena’s hands, she’d have had a makeover in Episode 1, Dawson would have immediately gone gaga over her, and the entire first series of the show could have been avoided.        

 Although if Jenny had been involved, Joey could have ended up with gothic make up and clothes that look more at home on a lady of the night.        

Basically, the Manhattanites would have eaten the Creek kids for dinner.     

 Jen, whose entire back-story was based on ‘growing up too fast in a big city’ and various associated antics, has nothing on Serena VdW. Serena could have taught her a thing or two about going off the rails.       

I mean come on. Jen never (almost) committed a drug fuelled murder, involved friends and family in a Ponzi scheme and had her own mother arrest her. Ok, she did break up a few relationships in her time, but really, amateur stuff. Jen so never had a threesome.        

Still, I reckon some friendships would have been struck up.        

Dan and Dawson – self obsessed ‘artists’ with delusions of grandeur? Check.      

   Vanessa and Joey?  I’d like to give Miss Potter credit for better taste in people, but there’s a definite link there; both feisty, cash-short but attitude-rich characters that grew up in unconventional families. Just imagine the emoting, whingeing, and world-changing that could happen with that pair.       

And of course, in this hypothetical ‘Gossip Creek’ mash-up, love could well blossom. Chuck would totally go after Joey, because while she would so clearly be not at all interested in him. And Blair and Pacey? The banter could be excellent?    

Obviously, Jack and Eric, ever the reliable shoulders to cry ons, would make for an adorable couple.         

Clearly, Gossip Girl and Dawson’s Creek are worlds apart. But, in a testament to the fact that every teen drama is essentially one rehashed storyline after another, there were some plot overlaps. Pacey and Dan memorably both had flings with teachers. Both shows made sixteen year olds live very adult lives – DC when it came to vocabulary, GG in terms of behaviour. And both shows captured the imagination of bored young TV watchers everywhere.       

And of course, Joey grew up and married Tom Cruise, producing this:           

Can you even imagine what Blair would dress her daughter in?

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