Gossip Girl is back…

… next week!

To get you ready for all the fun of part two of season three (and Getting Lippy’s weekly recaps) here is a trailer for Monday’s episode.

By the looks of things the next part of the season is going to be a stonker. From the preview it seems Barbie and Ken (aka Serena and Nate) will finally be getting up close and personal, while the Lily-had-an-affair-with-her-random-ex-husband story looks set to resolve itself. And Chuck will be facing his ghosts, rather literally if that scene at his mother’s grave was anything to go by.

According to producer Stephanie Savage “We’re turning up the heat on all of your couples in the second half of the season.” Well Well.

She also says, in the interview with E Online that they have “genuine options” about where to take the show.

So that could be, Jenny gives up the eyeliner and becomes an advocate of natural beauty, Blair starts to become a student lefty and live in a squat, Nate joins Mensa, or Georgina finds Jesus (oh wait…).

With ten episodes until the end of Season three, will any of those come true? Probably not, but good thing another series has already been confirmed.

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