Gossip Girl: Inglourious Bassterds

It’s kill or be killed in Manhattan this week and it looks like Jenny and Serena are taking that a little too seriously.

It’s Nate’s birthday, and Serena has planned an assassins themed birthday, complete with random fake guns and old-school Kodak photography. Everyone’s dressed in back, and everyone has something to hide.

 But this is GG. Of course everyone has something to hide. starting with Jenny, who has the hots for old-Natey and deals with it ever so maturely (it’s not her birthday) by hijacking the birthday boy for the day and messing with Serena’s plans.

Given Nate is wining (19! Grow up) because everyone is pretending to have forgotten his big day, this actually goes swimmingly, but despite an awkward sort-of-kiss S and N still walk off into the sunset together. Jenny smoulders angrily as they do, a fact not unnoticed by….

…Eric, who is back! Yayy. Apparently he’s been having love affairs in Japan, but now he’s back home to dispense wisdom, fall for floppy haired boys called Elliott and generally make this show feel as if it has a heart again.

At least someone has a heart. It’s certainly not Chuck, who, proving no good TV romance can go undestroyed, commits the ultimate betrayal against Blair to win the hotel back from Jack. Which, although I’m sad they’ve broken up, is actually kind of great.

Who doesn’t want to see those two on the rebound.

Something tells me we’re in for a treat – coupley B and C were getting boring. But top marks for having Blair ask Serena for advice on how to be slutty. It’s nice when the writers acknowledge character consistency.

Meanwhile, Dan and Vanessa have a ridiculous fight over who is being more honest in their commentary of the others dull self-indulgent creative writing, which is not even worth the mention were it not for the end revelation – V has applied to the same ultra-competitive writing as Dan.

Uh Oh. Troubled waters ahead for the most annoying couple on TV since Dawson and Joey were one.

 But if the episode wasn’t great, it was redeemed by the conspicuous presence of Dorota, initially clutching a smoking gun, and then (as if that little treasure wasn’t enough) with a diamond. Yes, Dorota dearest is engaged.

I for one can’t wait for her wedding. 


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