Gossip Girl – new season on the way

Time for some Gossip Girl season four teasers. You know you love them.

As you’ll remember from the finale of season three, we were left wondering about several things – would Chuck survive the ultimate bender in Prague (pool of blood etc etc),are Serena and Dan headed for the big relationship rekindle, is Georgina really expecting a mini-Humphrey, and, most importantly, has Little J been run out of town for good?

It’s now just six weeks till we find out (or, more likely, don’t). But what to expect?

Allegedly, a baby called Milo (atrocious but absolutely what you’d expect a minted Manhattan Bristol-Palin-a-like to choose), a new Nate dater and judging by some well-publicised set shots, S and B having the mother of all shopping sprees in Paris.

And, according to NYmag: “The best piece of news: In Paris, Blair is back to wearing headbands, specifically “jeweled” ones”

Well that should keep you going.

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