Gossip Girl: what would Blair say about Leighton’s drama?

Sometimes, life and art are very far apart, for example when teen dramas feature characters who change clothes 18 times a day, wear hotpants and sparkling tops as dressed-down breakfast wear or pose as long-lost cousins in order to con heiresses out of their fortunes.

At other times, life and art are scarily interlinked.

It turns out Leighton Meester, known to the world as the Machiavellian mixer with a penchant for headbands on Gossip Girl, has something of a dramatic personal life.

Reports the Daily Mail: “Meester wants full custody of her younger brother because she believes their mother isn’t prioritising his welfare.

Leighton, 25, sent $7,500 each month to Constance Meester, to help pay for her illness-plagued brother’s ongoing medical treatment.

But in a lawsuit filed last week, the Texan-born beauty asserted that the money was spent on cosmetic surgery for her mother instead.

And now she wants to removed Alexander from her mother’s care in California, so he can live with her permanently in New York.”

It’s only the tip of the iceberg: read more here and here.

As Leighton’s on-screen persona would probably say; how gauche to have such scandals palyed out in the pages of the tabloids. That said, with Gossip Girl on summer hiatus, bring on more of the same.

I’d like to hear how Blake Lively has insured her cleavage for gazillions, or how Ed Westwick is now a sworn teetotal.


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