A Gossip Girl goodbye

Is there something in the water at the Gossip Girl HQ?

Last year we waved goodbye to Little J, then Vanessa was hounded out for offences connected to abuse of hair extension privileges.

That’s fine. Those departures we could deal with.

Both characters committed the cardinal sin of Gossip Girl; namely, having had shenanigans with all the available menfolk. Ergo, no more plotlines.

But, tragedy. Guess who is next to go.

Only Eric VdW, everyone’s favourite gay younger brother.

He of the biting wit, the sardonic put downs that float gently over Serena’s empty head, and the random buddy-show friendships with various uninspiring male characters.

I’m heartbroken. The Upper East Side will never be the same again.

According to actor Connor Paulo: “Eric’s going to college and he’s going to stay there. He doesn’t come home for Christmas anymore.”


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