Reclaim the hoodie: in support of a much-maligned item

I’d like to start a campaign. About hoodies.

Before you start worrying that this is some kind of reactionary outburst, relax. It’s not.

I love hoodies. But if you believe what you read, only teenage gang members wear them. They wear them so much that at one point David Cameron wanted to hug the individuals in them.

But lots of other people wear hoodies. Students, with their university logo emblazoned on them.

Members of youth groups and sports clubs wear them with pride, a reminder of achievement or team identity. Friends design their own logos to keep memories alive.

Sometimes you wear them to keep cosy and warm, all the better with fluffy slippers and pajama bottoms (cocoa optional).

A midnight run to a 24-hour Tesco? Hoodie is a must.

Sometimes for function. Nothing better than a scrunched up jumper for protection during one of Britain’s freak rainstorms. Newly coiffed hair? Pull on the humble hoodie for instant protection.

They keep you warm at night and make a great impromptu picnic blanket. They’re a must for any backpacker facing an overnight journey.

And do you know what? Worn with the right bottoms – skinny jeans, a denim skirt – they can actually look halfway decent.

Ladies and gentleman, people of Britain.

It’s time to reclaim the hoodie.

Ps. If you don’t believe me, check out the celebs who sport hoodies too.


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