First Look: Sarah Michelle Gellar in Ringer

What’s the deal? Remember that episode of Buffy where she and the gang came face to face with their bizarre other-dimensiony dopplegangers? Well, it’s happened again.

Ok, sort of. In her new series Ringer, Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Bridget, a cutely sarcastic ex-hooker with a heart, an addiction problem and straggly hair.

Sort of like Buffy, if she’d ended up on the bottle and become a bit of a wimp.

Bridget’s on the run from the law, so who better to see than the identical twin sister estranged from her for sister years?

As it turns out, Siobhan is an ice-queen society wife and doesn’t exactly approve of her wayward sister. So when she mysteriously goes awol, isn’t it just the most obvious thing for Bridget to steal her identity and take on her sister’s not-as-perfect-as-it-seemed life?

It’s unclear how the twin-swap will play out, though the pilot intriduces several threads – namely where is Siobhan, will the law catch up with Bridget and why did they fall out in the first place.

Will it work? The script isn’t horrible and the way it’s filmed – with lots and lots of mirrors to reiterate the “double lives” drama – is effective, though could become annoying.

The real problem though is that I still felt I was watching Buffy.

SMG hasn’t done much since that series wrapped, and she still looks basically the same and does all the wide eyed stares and snappy sarky backchat Buffy was known for.

In the pilot, each twin was essentially distinguished by hair (poor twin, down and unkempt, rich twin, up in a chignon so complicated several hairdressers would be required).

For Ringer to work, it’s going to need some thrilling storylines beyond the initial teasers, but also some serious character work. Bridget should be scarred by her experiences, Siobhan needs to be more than a bored Manhattan trophy wife with a distant husband.

What it shouldn’t feel like is an episode of Buffy where she’s been put under a spell and has fallen into someone else’s life.

Will I stick with it? Yes, to begin with. It’s an engaging concept, and there’s seems to be good stuff to come. But if three weeks in I still feel like I’m watching an unreleased episode of Buffy, I’m not so sure.

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