Gossip Girl’s final season is on its way

I have mixed feelings about the imminent ending of my favourite series about spoilt privileged New Yorkers with perfect hair, ludicrously lavish wardrobes and heavily incestuous love-lives. On the one hand – nooo – the end of an era, no more Josh Schwartz snarkiness lighting up my weekly viewing. On the other, the last season has hardly given viewers much cause to stay with it, not least because the inherent (and fabulous) vindictiveness of Blair Waldorf was neglected for a Queen B who moped, sighed and sported not a single headband.

But still, it’s Gossip Girl – the show that brought us the power frozen yoghurt, a social hierachy based on one’s position on the Met steps, the character who inspired the expression “dumb blonde”, Nate’s dimples and Chuck’s Bassness. So, on balance, I’m sad to see it go. But it’s not over yet. The trailer for the final series reminds us of the good old days; here’s hoping this year will offer a repeat of them.

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