My week in writing

In this week’s paper. among other things, I followed up on my Glasgow school piece after speaking to the head  of the school’s Parent Council, and covered the fallout from a travel piece that ran in the Saturday Times and presented an arguably unflattering and inaccurate view of Israel.

In lighter news, I covered an installation at a largely forgotten cemetery in Liverpool; as part of the Liverpool Biennial artist Robyn Woolston placed lights amid the gravestones to give an eerie and mesmerizing perspective on history. As you can see from this photograph, what sounds like an off-the-wall idea actually offers a beautiful and very different way to remember.

Photo: Robyn Woolston /

And on the web, following up on a YouGov poll looking at British views on a cultural boycott of Israel, I experimented with some rudimentary data journalism. The results can be found here and here.

Also this week, I chatted to a scientist involved with Channel 4’s Drugs Live programme and found out why he considers the experiment so valuable, and reported on Samuel L Jackson’s unusual efforts to see President Obama re-elected in November.


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