My week in writing

This week I reported on the upcoming tour of the UK by the youth ensemble of the Batsheva Dance Company. In the wake of protests by anti-Israel activist, the Brighton Dome has cancelled one of two performances by the dancers, much to the regret of ticket-holders who will now be unable to go.

I also covered some fairly unpleasant comments made on Facebook by a woman who is an active member of George Galloway’s Respect Party. Although a spokesman for Mr Galloway did condemn what the woman said, it is clear that she will remain in the party anyway.

As I wrote in September, this time last year the JC covered the scandal of the Jewish burial organisations that refused to reveal where stillborn and miscarried babies were buried. Although the organisations covered in the original reporting have since changed their procedures, one synagogue authority has not done so. Contacted by a woman from the Adath with a heartbreaking story, I was shocked at the refusal to answer either my questions or hers. There seems to be no reason for blocking her request to find out what happened to her son, and certainly no religious prohibition, which leaves me to wonder why they won’t help.

Elsewhere, I covered the decision by Israeli leaders Benjamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman to run at the next election on a joint ticket – something that could, perhaps, spur the Israeli centre and left into action – and looked at the chances of the man hoping to be the first Orthodox rabbi elected to the US congress. I also reported on the tragedy of a 97-year-old man, who was a hugely influential figure in the history of religious Zionism in the UK, who died last week after being hit by a car in Jerusalem. A very sad story to work on.

In Optima Magazine I discussed how technology is changing the shopping experience, and whether it is for better or worse.

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