Gossip Girl recap: High Infidelity

In further proof that Gossip Girl has well and truly departed the realm of the possible for the realm of 21-year-olds running major media companies and untrained socialites designing entire fashion lines, Nelly Yuki returned to Gossip Girl this, week.

Once Blair’s whipping girl, the intellectual but social inept nerd pushed around by Waldorf and her minions, two years at Yale have apparently secured her enough experience and gravitas to spar with the best of them. Supposedly now a reporter for the prestigious Women’s Wear Daily, she is assigned to cover Blair’s new clothing designs.

Only it turns out it’s part of a piece about fashionistas turned uber-designers, with Blair being put up against ponzi-scheming socialite Poppy Lifton, who helpfully reminds us that she was driven out of New York by the Constance girls.

And of course, Poppy’s designs are basically Blair’s; same fabric, same look. Cue minions – useless, comedy minions – being despatched on a mission of sabotage that comes back to haunt Blair only moments later. But at least it’s Blair, back to her old trips, and we are pleasantly free from the character lobotomy that pervaded last series.

In Serena land, the new romance with Mr man of the minute is going sour, after she and Nate spot him, gasp, with another woman, Not kissing her, nothing inappropriate. Just in the company of. It’s enough to send both Serena and Nate on a spiral of anger and heartbreak, until they discover that their respective paramours are actually father and daughter.

I eagerly anticipate the scene in which Sage – a season six version of a spiteful Little J – learns that her boy toy and her possible stepmother were shtupping not too long ago.

For Chuck, his mission to destroy Bart hits on a hiccup (something to do with Bart, an illicit weekend and a shedload of money). Yawn. I’m all for the return of Bad Bass – no dog walking and soul-searching this series – but if he’s going to go heavy on the surreptitious and underhand methods, I’d rather it be with a worthy rival. Georgina, perhaps.

Georgina, of course, is busy managing Dan’s bright future (of defamation suits and social pariah-ness, if his book is anything to go by). With a serialisation deal with Nate on the go – how handy when your best mate runs a magazine, eh) it looks like the scandalous shit is about to hit the fan.

Although what he could possibly be revealing that hasn’t already been covered by Gossip Girl, I don’t know. She is the omniscient chronicler of the madness and mayhem of the Upper East Side. Humphrey, surely, is just a pretender.


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