My week in writing

On Tuesday I was at Brent Town Hall for the resolution of a case that has dragged on for several years. The Van Colles, a couple whose son was killed by a former employee who he was due to testify against, have fought for a long time for Hertfordshire Police to acknowledge wrongdoing.

Their son had warned an officer that his killer was threatening him, yet nothing was done. Despite a High Court and Appeals Court win, the Law Lords found against the family, and this week their case finally went to the European Court of Human Rights. Sadly for the family, the judges did not find in their favour. As they told me shortly after finding out the result, “we had to do it”.

I also reported on the latest – perhaps the final – stage in the dispute over the future of Glasgow’s only Jewish school, after the chair of the Parents Council announced his resignation. What it will mean for the future of the school remains to be seen. And as the Batsheva tour continued, with protests at every stop, I reported on the arrest of a man for making an anti-Jewish slur.

Elsewhere, I rounded up the winners and losers among the Jewish candidates who stood for election and re-election in the US last week, noting that Rabbi Shmuley Boteach failed in his bid. And I filled our regular “My Week” slot with a look at my trip to New York during the election and after the hurricane hit.

On Wednesday, just a few hours before we went to press, news came that a senior Hamas military commander had been killed in an Israeli air strike. From the start of Operation Pillar of Defence, I have been part of the team keeping the JC website up to date, with video and news coverage. On press night, I looked in particular at the war of words that broke out on Twitter between the IDF account and that of the Al Qassam brigades – more than just your average Twitter feud.

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