My two weeks in writing

I started last week with an interview with up-and-coming band Haim, just named the BBC’s Sound of 2013 and set for stardom. The singers – three sisters – revealed their love of Streisand and told of how reporters often mispronounced their surname.

In more serious news, I did a special report on the efforts to stem sex trafficking in Israel, which have been a resounding success. Labour MP Frank Field and former Conservative MP Anthony Stee urged Britain to adopt many of the strategies that have been used so effectively there. This week I also commissioned a follow-up comment piece on what still needs to be done to challenge other forms of trafficking in Israel.

I reported on Labour pinpointing its key battleground constitencies for 2015, wrote about a controversial ban on non-Jewish names on the grave of an Orthodox man in Leeds, and spoke to Holocaust survivors ahead of the airing of a documentary by filmmaker Daisy Asquith. And, taking a look at the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I heard about a woman who has been donating free sheitels – wigs for Orthodox women used for modesty purposes – to those who lost almost everything.

This week I also reported on a fabulously gothic Victorian drama – the story of the only policeman ever to have been killed in his office, bludegoned to death by a suspect being questioned for stealing a roll of carpet – and the move to honour him with a plaque. I also recorded ElAl’s decision to add a large number of flights out of Luton, and wrote about a push to encourage more Jewish teachers to engage with unions.


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