Cakes that look like foods


I am a firm believer that it is possible – or a least floating somewhere in the realm of possibility – to make any item – animals, vegetable, or mineral – into an edible baked good. A case in point: these burger cupcakes, which my friend Mel and I took on one sunny afternoon last summer.

I’ve since made them again, in miniature (as you see them here) and as one single giant burger cake (less successful, the cake was too dry).

The base, as you can probably tell, is made from cupcake – in this case vanilla – left to cool the sliced in half. The burger is formed from gooey chocolate brownie, cut with a cookie cutter into a neat circle, with royal icing yellow cheese and lettuce, and red butter icing as tomato / ketchup (it’s unclear which). Icing blobs and a cocktail stick through the centre, and voila.

And the kicker. Not only did they look like adorable mini burgers, they were actually edible. And, as a vegetarian, far more desirable to me that that which they imitated.



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