My week in writing

20130413-140430.jpgWhat started on a quiet note – not much happening is there, commented my news editor on Monday morning – became rather a busy week, following the death of Margaret Thatcher.

I covered the news of the former prime minister’s death on the website, then compiled for our front page the various tributes and reaction of communal figures to her passing. I also picked up an amusing anecdote about Alan Clark and a dispute he had with Thatcher about the use of fur while he was a minister.

In non-Thatcher news, I noticed a study into pensioners living abroad, and whether their spending power had increased or decreased in the last decade. For those who upped sticks for Israel it was the latter, and I spoke to a couple of those affected by a rise in inflation and a correspondingly disastrous exchange rate.

Elsewhere, I wrote about the progress being made on communal representation for women, reported on the fact that Channel 5 is to screen the US drama The Bible, and found out 65 bizarre facts about Israel to mark the country’s 65th birthday this week: did you know that the glue used on Israeli stamps is kosher? Sixty-four more random gems here... Along those lines, I was pleased to feature British ambassador Matthew Gould on comment this week.

In arts, I interviewed author Jodi Picoult about her new novel The Storyteller, which I reviewed last week. Having read most of her books, I was intrigued to speak to her and she didn’t disappoint. She was intelligent, charismatic and spoke faster than almost anyone else I’ve ever encountered!


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