Pizza cake


It started with a conversation with my sister over Passover, the Jewish festival during which one is prohibited from eating leavened good – bread, but also associated foodstuffs, such as pizza.

Our conversation morphed from a general moan about our diet for the week to a meditation on whether we could, realistically, make a cake that looked like a pizza. A bit of Googling revealed that we weren’t the first bakers to attempt this, so we decided to take on the challenge.

I made the base out of cookie cake, filled with chocolate buttons, both white and milk (not, perhaps, a traditional Italian recipe!) then layered it with red butter icing (actually rise and yellow blended together, since I discovered I had no red in stock) then grated white chocolate for the ‘cheese’, with some melted white chocolate drizzled over for an authentic feel. Toppings – this is where I could get creative. My sister, whose very impressive attempt you can see here, used candy corn in place of sweet own, but I chose an array of jelly sweets, royal icing (for the mushrooms) and jellybeans.

You can judge the result, but despite looking like something a five-year-old might have dreamt up, it actually tasted delicious too. And because it made so much (I can manage a whole pizza, but a whole cake is a challenge, even with my sweet tooth), I am now amused to see individually wrapped slices of pizza cake every time I go into my freezer.


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