Brilliant biscuits

“You know you can buy those, in the shop,” said my friend, as I pointed to the plate of homemade jammy do20130416-214954.jpgdgers and chocolate bourbons.

“I know,” I said. “But it’s fun to try and make my own.”

And it was fun. I’d invited some friends over for tea on the weekend, and obviously tea meant baking something new and delicious. First up: jammy dodgers, every child’s favourite biscuit.

I’ve actually made these before, although not for a while. I can’t remember where I found the original recipe (a Times pull-out, possibly) but the recipe can also be found here.

It’s a pretty simple method, actually. You use a circular cookie cutter to make a shortbread-type biscuit, half with small holes cut out from the middle. Bake, cool, add jam, then bake a little bit more (I under-did mine, as I was worried they would burn). And voila…


Then for part two: chocolate bourbons, as shown on the fabulous Domestic Sluttery website.

A similar process actually – I sliced strips of chocolate biscuit dough, baked them then sandwiched them together with a delicious chocolate icing mix. I overlooked some of the though – this is one of those recipes where oven times should be taken as a guide only.


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