My week in writing

Plenty of coverage of arts and entertainment this week, as I went to the launch of the new season of The Apprentice, covering what Lord Sugar had to say – reluctantly, on his part, since he seemed less than happy to be at the launch – and digging into the history of one of the candidates.

I also spoke to some leading names in the Jewish cultural world, discussing Culture Secretary Maria Miller’s recent comment on arts funding, and heard why the issue is not as simple as she made out. Following the Olivier Awards, I chatted to one of the winners, Top Hat producer Kenny Wax, and then spoke to the daughter of Irving Berlin, who composed the music that appears in the show.

Elsewhere, I looked into the BBC’s mysterious cancellation of a documentary about Jerusalem’s history, and spoke to the director to hear his version of the story. I heard from the US pollster Nate Silver at a speaking event, reporting on his views on Ukip.

And looking back in history, I covered the “Downton Abbey Jews” who fled Nazi Germany on domestic service visas in the 1930s: a fascinating and little-discussed slice of the past. And in comment I was pleased to relaunch the section, with teaser images and a new weekly book review column.

Over on Indy Voices, I argued that the fascinating with stranger-than-fiction stories of the conduct of religious people wasn’t necessarily healthy or constructive.


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