My week in writing


First up: an exclusive story about the plans for the first ever museum exhibition dedicated to singer Amy Winehouse, which is to open in Camden two years after her death. Curated by her brother, it looks set to be a real celebration of her life and work, and it was a pleasure to write about the plans.

Keeping with the music theme, I spoke to someone who was there when Bob Dylan’s career began – the owner of the folk music centre at which the young Dylan listened to records and learn about the genre. I also interviewed a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor about his brave attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

In arts news, I spoke to director Natalie Abrahami, who has just landed herself a fantastic new role at the Young Vic theatre. And in comment I commissioned a piece by the journalist Abigail Radnor, who asked – and attempted to answer – a difficult and deeply personal question.

Over in the Guardian, I wrote for Comment is Free following Stephen Hawking’s announcement that he was boycotting Israel, arguing that the last thing this conflict needs is headline-grabbing interventions from famous names.


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