About Me

I am a journalist living in London. I gained a first class degree in Politics from the University of Nottingham, and an MA in Newspaper Journalism at City University. I was the Comment editor of The Jewish Chronicle until July 2013, and am currently writing on a freelance basis.

I have written for several local and national British publications, including the Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, The Times and Time Out London.

I am passionate about politics, particularly the US variety, and enjoy travel and the arts. I Get Lippy on this blog about entertainment (in particular the television series Gossip Girl), politics and current affairs.

In the run-up to the 2010 general election I ran a hyperlocal site looking at political and social affairs in my local community of Harrow. See more about Stanmore Politics here.

For more information, a CV, cuttings of my work or to contact me for any other purpose, email jenniferlipman09@hotmail.co.uk

Follow me on Twitter at @jenlipman

2 responses to “About Me

  1. There is relevancy in your voice. Your articles are funny and poignant too. I hope your writing journey takes you far in the world and you impact many with your talent and insight.

  2. Dear Jennifer,

    In the past I had a chance to read some of your articles printed and re-printed in several media, the Jewish Chronicle being the first online media I have come across with your works. I worked at the Israeli Embassy in Addis Ababa where I closely followed the Aliah of the Ethiopian Jews. It is within that background that today I read your article on the Jerusalem Post ” Living Zionism – the next chapter”. Quite an impressing one that captivated the nucleus of the whole affair.

    Tsedale Lemma
    Addis Standard
    Addis Ababa

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