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Stories from The Times, the Telegraph, Time Out London, the Express and the News of the World. For cuttings without an online link, please contact me to see the copy. 

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Books – Daughter of Dust – Wendy Wallace

In Sudan, orphan girls are deemed in some way responsible for their misfortunes; her schoolmates contemptuosly referred to Leila Aziz as a ‘daughter of sin’. 

Notting Hill Carnival guide 2009 – Notting Hill by numbers; (27/08/09)

Tons of food, litres of body paint, hundreds of loos … There’s so much to Carnival. Just look at our round-up

Mas movement; There’s more to mas parade than just thousands of people in spectacular and flamboyant costumes

Donning outfits they made themselves, 40 London school children will open Sunday’s mas parade. The pupils will be calypso dancing behind a float from Action for Children, the first official charity partner of the Notting Hill Mas Band Association.

The Big Smoke – 24-hour city – The ice cream man: Onur Ali, 43, Abbey Wood

10am: See if the sun’s out. We rely on the weather, but it’s Britain. The last few summers were terrible, but you trot on. I can work as long as it’s not heavy rain.


Books – The Spare Room – Helen Garner

How far are we expected to go for another person? How much should we be willing to sacrifice for a friend? Helen and Nicola are old friends, close but rarely reliant on each other – until Nicola arrives at the door a shadow of her former self, clearly in the final stages of cancer.

Film – Penelope

Poor little rich girl Penelope is cursed with pig-like features, but her mildly offensive snout is the least of her problems.

Film – Nim’s Island

For Nim, living on an island with only her father for company, life is one big adventure.

Film – Wristcutters

As comedies go, the hero offing himself in the first five minutes makes for a fairly unconventional start.




Why Santa is full of hot air this Christmas
FIRST there were Christmas lights, then people decorated the outside of their homes like Santa’s grotto.  Now the latest craze to literally pop up in neighbourhoods across Britain is giant, 8ft festive inflatables. 


Book review: Pirates

Following the success of Pirates Of The Caribbean last summer, Celia Rees’s new novel is a swashbuckling tale of suspense, romance, danger and sisterhood.

News of the World


Send for Igglepiggle
 GORDON Brown’s government is so bad that it needs some help from kids’ TV’s Igglepiggle and Makka Pakka, claims a would-be Labour MP.

Books: The Accidental Billionaires

FACEBOOK may be all about friendship but its brainbox creator Mark Zuckerberg made plenty of enemies when he created it as a student at Harvard University in 2004.

Mobile recycling is all the reg

DELIGHTED Reginald Pobee made a good call when he decided to recycle his old mobile with us.

Books: The Horse Dancer

LAWYER Natasha Macaulay has everything—a job she loves, a gorgeous home and a great relationship.


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