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The kosher Christmas hit born on Facebook (28/12/07)

Another Jewish boy is starring in a Christmas story this year.
Twenty-one-year-old Tom Rosenthal, an anthropology student at Durham University, topped the HMV download chart last week with the charity single Smells Like Christmas Time, which he both wrote and performs.

Rabbis back plan for cut-price weddings (03/01/2008)

Rabbis have praised plans for a new budget wedding service in Stamford Hill and expressed hope that it would extend across the community.

2,000 teens set to invade Israel for the summer (19/07/07)

Thousands of young Jews are spending this summer in Israel on a vast array of programmes — religious, political or just plain fun.

Sorkin Returns (12/07/07)

‘I was wrong,” says the President. “I’m to blame.”

It is rare indeed that the leader of the free world apologises and admits to mistake. In this case, the President in question is Josiah Bartlett, the fictional occupier of the oval office and lead character in the enormously successful television drama series The West Wing’.

It’s lucky Jim, born 7/7/07 at 7-ish, 7lb 7oz (12/07/07)
He’s not quite the seventh son of a seventh son, but James Sebastian Young of Radlett was born on July 7 — the very lucky date of 7/7/2007. But that was just the first of a number of coincidences.

Daniel Pearl’s father slams Hollywood’s take (12/07/07)

A Mighty Heart, the film telling the true story of the brutal murder of American-Jewish journalist Daniel Pearl by Islamic militants in Pakistan, has attracted disappointing audiences since it opened in the US last month. Its cause will hardly be helped by the fact that Pearl’s father, Judea, has criticised it for taking “the logic of tolerance a step too far” and for making a connection between his son’s murder and the plight of suspects incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay.

Pro-Israeli faces trial(12/07/07)

A Bangladeshi writer is due to appear in a Dhaka court next week on charges of sedition, treason and blasphemy for his pro-Israel journalism.

Following Big Brother’s Jews? Just don’t tell your rabbi (12/07/2007)
THERE have been some worrying moral messages coming from Big Brother’s Jewish housemates this week. Just days after leaving the show to attend his grandmother’s funeral, Jonathan Durden’s private life was raked over in a double-page Sunday tabloid spread headlined “My hookers and coke shame”.

Mixed reception for Jolie’s Pearl film (05/07/07)

Critics liked it, but audiences weren’t sure. Jennifer Lipman looks at US reaction to Angelina Jolie in A Mighty Heart

Man is to blame for floods, not God (05/07/07)

Rabbis have strongly criticised comments blaming the recent floods on man’s “moral degradation”.
Senior Church of England bishops had attributed the extreme weather, which has affected more than 27,000 homes, to man’s “arrogant” mistreatment of the world.

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