My two weeks in writing

Last week I enjoyed a foray into sports journalism (sort of!), reporting on the row over a petition urging Uefa to move the U21 tournament from Israel to a less controversial location. Having spoken to a number of players opposed to such a boycott, it was interesting to discover at the 11th hour that players including Didier Drogba were actually denying having backed the statement.

Moving to more lighthearted subjects, the news of the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy sparked an irreverent blog post about the future royal baby, which in turn earned me a mention in the Evening Standard’s coverage of a potential royal circumcision. My tweet about Pippa Middleton – “Cannot WAIT for Pippa’s book of tips about being an auntie”– also found its way in to the Mirror’s round up of the most humorous posts on the site.

Other stories I covered included a Lords debate following the Palestinian United Nations upgrade vote, and the BBC’s ruling over a complaint about its coverage of the protest against Habima at the Globe Theatre, a story I covered at length.

Toward the end of the week, I was in parliament for a panel event for young Europeans, in which Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith revealed that he would be nervous to place a bet on the future of the Jewish state. Continuing my coverage of the Tories, I questioned party officials on why the much-delayed report about Aiden Burley’s behaviour at a now infamous stag party last December had still not been released.

I also covered the launch of a new Orthodox Jewish feminist organisation – not, as some might assume, a contradiction in terms – but an American initiative being brought across the Atlantic. And I wrote about a conference on Lithuanian Jewry that is set to take place next week in London, and that is the subject of some controversy, due to the involvement of the Lithuanian Government.

For the Independent’s online comment section, I offered an opinion piece about the census results, which were released in Britain this week, and what they really revealed about the state of religion and faith in this country. “Are reports of the death of religion just being exaggerated?” I asked. And, in a sign that I have not yet divested myself of my tween pop passions, I wrote for Optima about the legacy of the Spice Girls.